Downsizing for the recession? Moving house PACKING TIPS

Here are a few moving tips on how best to pack your various items…tips which may save you money and the heartache of damaged household goods.

  By choosing to pack your items yourself you can save money. It is a good idea to limit what you pack to non-breakable items such as, clothing, books, and small appliances. Such items are cheaper to replace should damage or loss occur. Large pieces of furniture and major appliances are best left to the movers.

  DO NOT pack heavy items in a large box making it difficult to lift.

  Remember to lift with legs not your back.

 DO NOT have your movers pack and ship your high-value items such as, jewelry and heirlooms. The insurance coverage will not allow you to recover the full value of such items. Pack items of this nature yourself and carry them with you.

  Choose the correct size and strength of boxes for packing. An ample supply of wardrobe cartons will save ironing time later. Place shoes at the bottom of boxes and use boxes with dividers for packing your fine china.

  Many non-fragile items can be packed in ordinary supermarket boxes.

 DO wrap each fragile item separately with newspaper, bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, or towels. Fill any voids in boxes to minimize movement during shipment. Pack your plates and glass objects vertically, rather than flat, using towels as pads. Use a good quality plastic or strapping tape to seal boxes.

 Use bubble wrap and tape to protect table legs, chair arms, bed frames, etc. Avoid using tape directly on wood surfaces.

  When packing your computer place your disks in a separate box and protect it from magnetic exposure. Bundle cables and note locations for re-assembly later. Wrap and box each computer component separately and use peanuts to cushion. Pack each in double-boxes. If you saved the original box the computer was shipped in use it of course.

  Allow your movers to inspect the boxes you have packed yourself (PBO) or packed-by-owner. Your mover will advise you if any re-packing is required. Remember, moving companies are not responsible for damaged items packed by the owner.

  If possible, disconnect your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer prior to the arrival of your movers. Back up and save all important documents on your computer before preparing it for shipment.

  Movers will not move living things…plants or animals. Make appropriate arrangements for shipment of your pets.

  Remember you CANNOT ship hazardous materials such as, paint, paint thinners, solvents, oils, firearms, ammunition, propane, or other flammables and explosives.

  You can speed up the loading process by gathering all boxes into one room (near the door).