SEO services With A Difference On The Gold Coast

Looking for SEO service Gold Coast?  We offer SEO services for the Gold Coast and work with business to get their website developed, launched and ranking.  It is important in today’s market that you have an up to date website that is user and search engine friendly. It should offer great content for your visitors to read about your services and products but also needs to be search engine friendly.

Websites that are designed by artistic designers always have a great look, but most will never and could never rank.  This is why it is important that you have a company that can rank a website and builds some authority. There are many factors that go into a website that help getting it in the rankings. The factors are things such as the balance of keywords, the interlinking of pages and schema to name a few.  If you don’t have the proper components then you’ll never have a site that ranks. 

The site must have a fast loading time, this is not just for the search engines but for the humans coming to visit as well.  Think about how long you’d be willing to wait to get a page loaded.

Website Analysis Gold Coast

When working with our clients we will take a look at your website and do an analysis.  Our team is equipped with all kinds of various software that helps us to see what is going on with your website, both on and off-page.  Sometimes we can work with your existing website and polish it up a bit. Other times, it’s a total loss. It really depends on the structure of your site and how it was built.  We also look at the off-page backlinks that are coming into the site. Sometimes there is negative SEO or links that have gone bad and just cleaning those up gives the site a boost.

Citations are another important factor as SEO services Gold Coast.  Citations are responsible for giving your brand some authority and there are a lot of citations out there.  Building up the citations for your website will build up its authority and brand. These are all done manually and do take a lot of time and effort. However, they are completely worth it in the end and they only have to be done once.

SEO Process

To begin the SEO process we simply will have to find what you have done and then build on that.  If you are a brand new company, no worries, we can help you as well. This means you don’t need a website analysis, as there isn’t a sight yet.  Brand new sites are not a problem but they do take a little more time at times. Everything really is dependent on your competition and the market that you are in as well as the area.

We work with any type of company including e-commerce and national companies as well as the local guys.  We are dedicated to getting our clients ranking well and getting leads as quickly as possible.